Health and Wellbeing Services

The programmes offered by Rauawaawa Health Services are catered and driven by Kaumātua for Kaumātua. A wide range of FREE services offered exclusively to Kaumātua ensures a safe environment on site and in the community and reflect the complex needs of Kaumātua.

Every aspect of care is provided by committed staff that ensure the safety and mana of Kaumātua is upheld at all times. Through encouragement and support, Kaumātua are empowered to uphold the roles and responsibilities within their own whānau.

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Kaumatua Referral

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Health Team Services

The organisational kaupapa of Rauawaawa is one of wrapping services around our Kaumātua. Our trustees have described this as Te Korowai – services that will wrap around Kaumātua to keep them warm and safe. Our way of working is underpinned by Mason Durie’s Whare tapa wha and Te Pae Mahutonga.

Early Intervention

Koroua and Kuia early intervention allows Kaumātua to participate in a variety of services that maintain health in all aspects. Whether it is monitoring the health and social needs of Kaumātua or preventing further illness with positive activity and social activities and programmes.

We offer:
  • Social interaction programmes
  • Understanding the importance of reducing isolation for Kaumātua
  • Mirimiri therapy
  • Links to other services ie: disability networks and community educators
  • Kaumātua walking group
  • Educational forums for Kaumātua and whānau
  • Support with making positive lifestyle changes

Kotahitanga Socialisation Day Program

like transport support a $5 Koha is requested for lunch ( a two course meal).

Kaumātua Nursing Services

Kaumātua Nursing Services prides itself on its unique delivery. With two experienced and caring Registered Nurses, we can offer appropriate time required to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of Kaumātua and their whānau.

We offer:
  • Clinic appointments
  • Home visits / Marae / Hospital and community visits
  • Support services to GP and specialist appointments
  • General health assessments and appropriate referrals
  • Advocacy and cultural support to allow better access to health services
  • Medication support
  • Health education to individuals, groups and whanau
  • Health Information and resources
  • Fantastic and committed nursing staff
  • Commitment to professional development.
  • Support with making positive lifestyle changes

Whānau Ora Navigation Service

Through a whānau-centred delivery we endeavour to work towards empowering the Kaumātua me tona whānau to address, navigate and manage all aspects that affect health and wellbeing. This includes the medical, social and cultural complexities within te ao hurihuri.

We offer:
  • Facilitation of a Whānau hui
  • Development of whānau Ora plan
  • Appropriate referrals to other services ie: budgeting / parenting services
  • Empowering Kaumātua and whānau to take control of their own lives

Mauri Ora Service

Mauri Ora services provide a range of support services that allow a cultural link between Kaumātua, their whānau and other health services when monitoring chronic disease. The service works closely with the nursing staff to ensure the safety of Kaumātua and their whānau is upheld.

We offer:
  • Support to GP appointments
  • Transport support service
  • Education and support of chronic illness
  • Group education forums
  • Health information and resources
  • Appropriate referrals to other services ie: Asthma/Diabetes Waikato
  • Ongoing management of Asthma/COPD, Diabetes, Heart disease
  • Physical Activities
  • Kaumātua Gym
  • Swimming
  • Kumba (Zumba for Kaumātua)
  • Noho Tinana
  • Kaumātua Olympics (Annual event)
  • Nutritional Activities
  • Nutritional classes
  • Field trips
  • Planned Rongoa garden
  • Organisation commitment to healthy eating

Transport Service

We offer a transport service for Kaumātua only that are registered with Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust and have no other means of transport. This service is limited to within the Hamilton City Boundary and for the purposes of transport to and from Rauawaawa programs. A koha of $5 is requested to help ensure this service remains available. A koha is not requested in the case of Kaumātua registered with any of the Health and Wellbeing services where they require support to and from relevant specialist appointments.